Sunday, December 4, 2011

When you have a kid

A couple weeks after I had Kinlee I started to notice things have changed, I have changed , life has changed.
1. Random strangers will come up to you and start conversations most about how cute your babies is or "oh how old " Recently , just before Damon and I went into a store I had warned him of this and he said "Seriously ...really?" and with out fail a nice old man rolled up on his rascal "oh please stop I got to see that baby." I also find myself answering a bunch of personal questions to strangers...why is it my waitresses business if I am nursing or not (I have been surprised by how many people have asked that question)
2. I think when mothers give birth they then are transformed into super hero's! I can smell a dirty diaper a mile away, fix meals and eat them one handed , learned to enjoy cold meals, fit a days worth of work in while kinlee takes a 2 hour nap, and shower in less than 5 minutes.  My weekness ?  Sleep, I have to get my sleep if I don't my super human powers seem to disappear! probably needless to say most days I am more human than super hero .she is learning to sleep better though!
3.Gone are the days of  flying by the seat of your pants. It now requires a small village to get out of the house. is she fed , changed and where is a blanket, do you have the pacifier?  I feel the need to be prepared for every situation: blow outs , throw up, all that fun stuff . why call it a diaper bag its more like a 72 hour kit: diapers, clothes, bottles, formula, lotion, soap, burp cloth...... this has now become my purse . No longer are my needs first some how you learn to survive or get by as long as that sweet baby is taken care of. I find my self enjoying the simplest of things and realizing things I took for granted.
      Yes our life has definitely changed , but as the song "For Good" from wicked says " I do believe i have been change for the better... and because I knew you I have been changed for good."

With all of life's changes,  I find my self so grateful at the end of each day ! I sure love being a mom !


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